Bootcamp Questionnaire - Day 1

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    Q1) How aware You think you are 1-10?

    Q2) In which feeling or emotion I spend most of my day/days?

    Q3) What is your greatest fear?

    Q4) What do I believe about myself?

    Q5) What success mean to me?

    Q6) What happiness means to me?

    Q7) What's the purpose of life?

    Q8) How my past affects my present?

    Q9) Where do I want to get? (What's my goal?)

    Q10) Do I have developed a detailed plan on how to get where I want? (By developed plan I mean 10+pages written down all possible scenarios and a clear picture of everything.)

    Score: If you did not answer immediately to some of these questions, your self-awareness needs a boost.

    By being self-aware and having a clear vision, goals, you will be able to achieve what you want. By not being self-aware you won’t be able to achieve what you want.

    *Take this as a joke and Live in a fog.
    *Take this seriously and Live with clarity.